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Montessori @BenchMark

BenchMark follows the internationally renowned AMI curriculum in its Montessori division. The learning in our Montessori environment is guided by teachers who have undergone training and certification under the BenchMark School of Finishing Skills, Bangalore. Their content and skill levels are periodically updated and learning happens in environments which are airy, open and well furnished.

We offer admission to three levels in the Montessori Section:
Toddler: 2 ½ to 3/2 years.
Montessori 1: 3 ½ to 4 ½ years
Montessori 2: 4 ½ to 5 ½ years.

Primary Schooling @BenchMark

BenchMark Primary consists of grade 1 to 5. The schooling at primary level starts off with a week long programme to ensure that the learners possess entry level knowledge. The triple language programme takes care of the language needs by laying a strong foundation. From grade 5, the students are also provided optional entry to special training to take up competitive and career oriented “Future Programmes”. ‘Exclusive exposure in improving numerical and analytical skills is the focus of the futures programme which starts from Grade 5.

Middle Schooling @BenchMark

BenchMark Middle School includes grades 6 to 8. Middle school is transitional step for students between elementary and high school. The importance of a middle school education is enormous as it lays down the foundation for the student to go to high school and then to college. This is why our middle school is full of value addition courses. From grade 6 to 8 BenchMark has two streams: one which caters to the gifted learners and the other empowering the common streams. The gifted Future Batches are treated to a special curriculum with consistent sessions in thinking, communication, analytical, reasoning, numerical and presentation skills

High Schooling @BenchMark

9th and 10th grades at BenchMark receive utmost attention as the students in the early adolescents stage are moving closer to facing the adult world and to making career choices. We try to accomplish the twin goals of making them successfully cater to the academic and career goals. On the one hand we try to make them perform in the standardized school/board tests and on the other shape their perspective for the coming career-centered education challenges.

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