The club motivates students to use computers effectively to enhance their computer skills in MS Excel work, slide presentation, PPT presentation and documentary presentation. The club promotes learning of designing concepts through tools & technologies, photography, animation etc. that can be used as a self-learning module and others. Robotics is the highlight of the ICT club, where technological talent is being polished to create a generation which expresses the exact future of the nation.   

Club activities include:

  • Coding Mobile Game App 
  • Working in MS Excel (generating report cards), MS Word (designing invitation cards), MS PowerPoint (Slide presentation) and Animation for primary and middle schooling.
  • Designing web, video editing and poster making for higher grades.
  • Providing technology assistance for key events conducted in the school, like annual day, school cabinet election etc.
  • Conducting workshops on STEM and Robotics and awareness programs on cybercrimes and security
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