May - 2022

Capacity Building Programme for Faculty 2022 – 23

Date : 19th May – 27th May

Professional Development Programme not only allows teachers to learn new teaching styles, methodologies, techniques and tips, but also allows teachers to interact with educators from various areas in order to improve their own teaching competencies. It doesn’t include giving them only an opportunity to learn new concepts or adopt a new teaching – learning methodology, but it also focuses on developing their competencies to deal with the changing scenario of teaching – learning process and thereby adopt the best for the benefit of the learners.

And so, the Professional Development Programme of teachers shouldn’t be an event, rather it should be a continuous process.

Focusing on this, BenchMark International School Tirur has decided to make the CPDE Cell fully fledged. The initial training programmes were planned from 19th May to 27th May 2022, with different sessions including the preparation of the Annual Pedagogical Plan, Innovations in School, English in Professional Life, Project Based Learning etc. The 8 days programme helped to inculcate a lot of confidence in the teachers.

19/05/2022 Thursday

Designing of Annual Pedagogical Plan

Mr.Joji Paul started the session with an introduction on ‘Let’s reset and restart’, and he also mentioned about the research findings of NIMHANS and WHO, that by 2030 depression would be the single biggest cause of ill health. When a child is emotionally distressed, the areas of thought would be temporarily disabled. So, it’s essential to create a happy classroom to have happy learning.

Later, the designing of the Annual Pedagogical Plan was introduced and the teachers were given the task of finding the strengths and weaknesses of the school and thereby one member from each group presented it.

Resource Person : Mr. Joji Paul, Principal, BenchMark International school Tirur

Resource Person : Mr. Shyamlal, HOD, Department of Social Science

20/05/2022 Friday

Declaration of “RISE”: Curriculum Enrichment Programme for Grades 8 – 10

The motto of the programme is to ‘Make the Best You’. It’s designed to make refined intervention and provide entire support to the students. The duration of the programme would be for 30 hours and will be held in the afternoons of all Saturdays. The five areas of ‘RISE’ and the different programmes planned to enrich the students were introduced. A discussion was held on how to make it creative and interesting for the children. The planned programmes include field trips, conducting camps, use of language lab, experiential learning etc.

The session was carried out by the HM’s , the class teachership of each grade was given and accordingly the students were shuffled. Later the preparation of the Annual Pedagogical Plan was done discussing the actionables and subactionables, their insights and solutions for each were discussed. 

21/05/2022 Saturday

Integrating Coding and Robotics into Curriculum

BenchMark centre for Stem and Robotics, a team is functioning in BenchMark to help students in integrating it into the curriculum. A briefing of the programme and the importance of including it in the curriculum was also discussed. Atal Tinkering lab and Coding lab would also be introduced into the curriculum. It would have both visual based coding and text based coding.

Ms. Nayana gave a detailed presentation on why it’s been introduced in the curriculum, how to use it and how the children would be benefitted.

Preparation of APP was continued after the presentation, where the various areas of weaknesses, the measures to overcome them, what has to be done in the coming years, the time duration to implement them and the final impact were discussed and prepared.

Resource Person : Ms. Nayana Mahadev, HOD, Department of Information Technology

Resource Person : Dr. PK Babu, Director, Academics

23/05/2022 Monday

Innovations in School

The session started by mentioning the term ‘Innovation’, which has nowadays become a buzzword and as a result, the word has lost its appeal. Dr.P K Babu mentioned about how teachers should break the traditional nutshell and come out for which at times we will have to break the rules. He put forward a question before the teachers to imagine the burden we are creating 6 – 7 hours everyday to our children. In between a vibe was created by involving the teachers in an activity where they were asked to make paper planes and launch them, the whole teachers actively participated in the activity.

23/05/2022 Monday

Keynote Address

The Chief Guest of the day, Mr. Anil Vallathol, Vice Chancellor, Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University delivered the keynote address. He mentioned about the various aspects of education and about our Indian Culture and Heritage. He even pointed out about the NEP 2020 and the challenges faced in implementing it into the teacher community. The programme was presided by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Rathi IV. Mr. Shinoj, Faculty Department of Malayalam welcomed the gathering and Mr. Biju MN, HM, Primary and Middle School delivered the vote of thanks.

 Keynote address : Mr.Anil Vallathol, Vice Chancellor,
Thunchath Ezhuthachan Malayalam University

Resource Person : Mr. Jijo James, Resource Person Macmillan Education

24/05/2022 Tuesday

English in professional Life

Mr. Jijo started the session with an ice breaking activity and throughout the session various activities were given where the teachers participated enthusiastically. He set a rapport with the teachers asking them to share their areas of difficulties in communicating in English. Then he gave a few suggestions and tips which can be followed throughout our life so as to improve our communicative skill. He added up by saying to think in English, rather than thinking in our mother tongue and then converting it to English.

25/05/2022 Wednesday

Project Based Learning (PBL)

The session started discussing the need of a need based professional development programme and the new trends in teacher training. He reminded that the duty of a teacher is really challenging as it is high time that they identify the skills of their children as by 2025, 62% of today’s jobs would not be existing and 85% of jobs of 2030 are not yet known.

Later, he discussed the structure of Project Based Learning, its advantages in teaching- learning process, the role of an instructor and finally the major indicators in education.

Few teachers from different departments presented the blueprint of their projects. The session was concluded by informing the teachers about the submission of the first report on Project Based Learning, by the end of July.

Resource Person : Dr. Habeeb Rahman, Director, Academics

26/05/2022 Thursday

Preparation of the Year Plan

Department wise the teachers prepared the year plan of the respective grades allotted to them with the supervision and support of the HODs.

27/052022 Friday

School Management Software Training

The MCB Smart School Software helps teachers to share the classroom information, create activities and right from marking students’ attendance to conducting online classes, assignments, digital diary, conducting exams, and everything that falls under a school’s day-to-day activity can be done using this software. The teachers were given training on using the different applications and how it would make things smart was made clear.

The eight days professional training programme came to an end and the teachers were well satisfied because it focused less on presentations and lectures and more opportunities were provided to apply it through demonstrations.

Resource Person : Mr.Sumanth, Regional Manager Kerala, Myclassboard

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