From 2006 to now, it has been a rewarding narrative for BenchMark and for those who joined us. From the early makeshift campus to the picturesque full-grown riverside green locale, equipped with aspiring minds and growing professionals, we have been setting and revising benchmarks in the schooling experience. Not only have we pushed ourselves higher, we have also made the existing marks around us reworked too. That’s what quality does. It forces those around too to have a look at themselves and refine their own.

Since there is no resting on our laurels, BenchMark is turning the post-covid corner and venturing into newer experiences for the learners. The enhanced coding integration, tinkering lab, expanded reading spaces, a whole new curriculum for grades 8 to 10, added facilities, a Robotics Centre – all these promise a whole new level of learning experience.


Rafeek Mohammed P.M

BenchMark would continue to raise the bar because all the stakeholders who have invested their hopes in us for a decade and a half expect that from us. It is our responsibility too!

Thank you!

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