The club is committed to inspire the students to get involved in literary expression and appreciation. The club supports the students in showcasing their capacity to to read, review, comment on movies, challenge the writer’s perceptions and appreciate art. The club aims to foster a love for the language, develops literary creativity and provides a venue for self-expression beyond the school curriculum.

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the core areas focused through various activities like Handwriting Competition, Essay writing, Placards and poster making, Quotation preparation on various events, Script writing and role plays, Skits, Anchoring, Letter writing competition, Spell-bee, Choral Recitation, Choral Reading, Be the character, News writing, Debates and Discussions.

Other club activities organised:

  • Observing various language days and celebrating reading week
  • Hosting the school radio and news reading.
  • Participating in interschool and state level competitions.
  • Compiling and designing the school magazine.
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