BenchMark Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary reflects the intellectual phase of schooling which will immediately impact future prospects. BenchMark Senior Secondary Section is an excellent space where the systematic process of teaching- learning strengthens both the intellectual and ethical sides of the students’ persona. Our well-equipped laboratories support scientific inquiries. Here the students are envisaged to perform in the competitive examinations like NEET, JEE, KEAM, KVPY, NEST etc. admirably. This explains why the BenchMark Senior Secondary is chosen by students across Kerala who aspire to rise to exceptional intellectual heights in the future.

Our serene campus is well equipped to impart the specially designed curriculum to our students to achieve excellence through quality exposure and application of knowledge.

Celebrate Learning

We provide time-tested, quality-assured faculty through our collaboration with the experts in the field.

BenchMark enforces an evolved scheme and mode of the CBSE syllabus in Class XI and XII to include rigorous coaching to compete for various entrance examinations like NEET, JEE, KEAM,KVPY, NEST etc.

We allow our students to interact directly with the experts and our practical sessions help students develop a rapid and real-time understanding of the nature of science subjects.

Residential Advantage

BenchMark International Senior Secondary School offers separate residential facilities for boys and girls to ensure an uninterrupted study atmosphere towards their result-oriented achievements.

BenchMark has an excellent facility in terms of food, since we provide lunch and snacks cooked by us for all our students and staff. BenchMark is the only school which does it in the region. Our vast and hygienic dining hall serves food and snacks prepared under specialised supervision. Our delicious and nutritious breakfast, snacks and lunch help our students boost their energy and perform to the best of their abilities.

BenchMark Knowledge Partnerships

Our association with LEAD TRUST Bengaluru (an NGO aiming to promote excellence in the field of education) helps us connect with brilliant students for our Senior Secondary Section. They identify their talents and help them to get into BenchMark to pursue their perfect career. We are the only CBSE School associated with LEAD TRUST Bengaluru.

Scholarship Support

Benchmark distributes scholarships worth more than one million rupees each year for senior secondary students to help them gain better results in competitive examinations.

Our students regularly gain admission to master Medical, Engineering and Research institutions across India.

Beyond Classrooms

Value-based education is truly transformational, providing a structure for a positive future that impacts the whole school community. It has a direct influence on the entire curriculum, and most specifically on the spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions of the learning experience. We have a spacious prayer hall to grant peace of mind and a calm heart.

The thrust we place on sports and games plays a lead part in the school is reflected in the facilities provided for major sports and related events.

In addition, there is sufficient time set apart for extracurricular activities in art, craft, science, maths, and language.

An infirmary with qualified medical staff and counselors ensures the physical and mental health of your ward.

BenchMark’s Management team, our principal and the academic advisors are always keen on organizing the best learning experience and monitoring academic and co-curricular activities.

Technologies for Future

We have digitally monitored active learning technology to offer parents access to student activity and progress. BenchMark’s IT lab trains the students in the latest advancements in technology and computing and provides worldwide resources at our students’ fingertips.

Our fully-equipped laboratories assist scientific enquiry and experimentation. Our practical sessions help students develop a rapid and real-time experience and understanding of the nature of science.

Learning Resource Centre

An effective school library enhances student learning outcomes by providing a range of programs, services and resources which support teaching and learning. Our Library has an intelligent collection of subject resources. Our classroom holds its own reference section too.

Career Aptitude Building

Motivation and career planning sessions by eminent scholars from institutions like ISRO and IITs help our students to direct their behaviour towards particular goals and identify their career values and skills. Our school counselors offer individual counseling to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems. Students are given proper guidance on how to deal with psychological problems which can badly impact their studies.

Counseling at BenchMark encompasses career development, course selection, and planning throughout the senior school experience. We provide assistance and guidance to our students to determine and ensure that their goals and passions related to academics are in sync with their life goals.

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