At BenchMark, we are privileged to have a remarkable group of educators who are committed to academic and emotional support for our children. On this educational platform, BenchMark has a created a dedicated area for the Teachers with the aim of providing an online space to exhibit their creativity and artwork.

Teachers’ Corner is an opportunity for the teachers to share their creative and innovative ideas. We’re glad that the page helps our teachers to unlock their creativity, using unconventional thinking to bring a sense of discovery, surprise and delight into their world. Deviating from the confines of curriculum and syllabus-restrictions, here the teachers feel free to express in varied modes, on varied matters. This also helps recharge them and to be more strongly connected to their prescribed work, when they switch to that.

We expect to include more sophisticated ideas and works in the future and thank everyone who has contributed and shared their talents!

Lend me your ears,….

My dear children have you ever seen the beautiful sky over your head ,sun standing alone and shining ,rivers flowing by and the beautiful chirping sound of birds.

How does your day begin? Think. Looking into the mobile phone, checking messages on social medias, spending a huge amount of time in reading someone’s post and stories. Have you ever thought you’re losing your individuality and just blindly following others? No, just imitating the dressing style, eating style, mannerism and lot more.

Do you have time to appreciate the work of God nature? Do you have time to see a flower blooming from a bud a butterfly coming at of pupa?

What do you mean by pleasure? You cannot face failure, you cannot work hard .Everything you want readymade. You have to identify your strength. Why do you run away from problems? Are committing suicide, and consuming drugs the solution for a problem? Be bold, life is not always a bed of roses .Why rose is so unique, it’s amidst of thrones. Same way you may also face different problems in different aspects of your life but never lose the ray of hope. After every today, there is a tomorrow.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Even the sweetest chocolate will expire one day. So your problems are just passing clouds. Share everything with your parents. They are your friends, philosophers, always ready to protect you, support you, and help you. Nature and time heals everything.

Just learning hours together does not make you a human being, they just make you knowledge factory. I want each one of you to be human being with lots of love, affection, care, sympathy and empathy, you should not be robots, not money making machines, but instead be a man with flesh and blood.

By Mrs. Shobana C
HM-Secondary Section

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