BenchMark appoints the best of teaching fraternity who continue to add value to the culture and dynamics of the institution. Our faculty is well qualified, experienced and leaders in their fields with proven with the ability to adapt the changing technologies, rapidly. Round the year, teachers elevate themselves through a series of workshops, seminars, training programmes & certification courses, empowering & self-evaluation assessments, and skill-enhancing practices, conducted by CBSE and other rendering teams. All these courses enrich the core competencies of the stakeholders that is reflected in the keen and poised way they mentor. The BenchMark vision is to make teaching and learning more flexible and integrated into classroom life with the help of an affluent team of well-bred teachers.

Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development (CPD), which was introduced at BenchMark in 2017, has ensured that our teachers continue to be competent in their profession. CPD at BenchMark has emphasizes the maintenance and enhancement of the knowledge and skills of the faculty to deliver a professional service to the community. Our faculty members are updated in knowledge and stay relevant and updated. They are aware of the changing trends and directions in their profession.

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