STEM and Robotics

STEM education focuses mainly on four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — and it is an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Special focus on STEM doesn’t mean that the other subjects are secondary, as every course the students learn at school has its own significance and has valuable outcomes. It is an established fact that a perfect STEM education is helpful in inculcating skills like creativity, analytical, problem-solving, problem finding etc. in students. Establishment of STEM and Robotic Lab is one step to impart children more hands-on experience and activities which facilitate the deep learning of scientific concepts.

BenchMark Centre for Stem and Robotics is established with the intention of providing hands on learning experience to students for inculcating in them the most demanded skills of the century such as creativity, resilience, problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, and more. Preparing today’s children to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow begins with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Robotics training right from school age may be helpful to open the path to careers that will be the key in the future.The facilities provided by the school in connection with its STEM & Robotics Centre include Robotics design lab, Robotics kits, STEM kits and Maker space.

BenchMark Centre for STEM & Robotics was officially inaugurated online via Google Meet on 04th March 2021 by Dr.Asokan T, Professor and Head of Department of Engineering Design, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Student representatives from classes 6 to 11, STEM faculty , Academic Heads, HOD’s of various departments, school cabinet members joined the inaugural session along with the school management team.

Major events organized under BnechMark Centre for STEM and Robotics

  • Webinar on ‘ ABCD of Machine Learning’ for students of Class 8 to 10 :  
    Date : 05th November 2021
    Guest Speaker : Mr.Sumod Sundar, Asst. Professor, Centre of AI, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam.
  • Hands-on Workshop on ‘The world of Robotics’ for students of class 10 to 12  :  
    Date : 25th March 2022
    Resource Person : Mr.Anoof C, Co-founder , Pibots.
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