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The Parents’ corner is dedicated to encourage our parents demonstrate their hidden talents. We wholeheartedly welcome our parents to share their insights in the form of articles, poems, stories etc. Poems, stories, anecdotes, experiences, travelogues, memoirs- an piece of quality creative/experience-centered writing can come this way.

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of our respective parents who have been our constant source of inspiration to the development of our school.


മട്ടുപ്പാവില്‍ നിന്നുകൊണ്ട് നഗരത്തെ കാണുക!
കത്രിക വിരിച്ചെടുത്ത മുറ്റങ്ങളിൽ
തണുപ്പിനെ വകഞ്ഞെടുത്ത്‌
ഇളംപച്ച മെടഞ്ഞെടുക്കുന്ന

കിടപ്പാടമായി മാറിയ
തെരുവു മൂലകളിലെ
ചുമച്ചു തുപ്പുന്ന

കരിപുതച്ചുറങ്ങും എടുപ്പുകളിൽ,
അഴുക്കുചാലുകളിൽ, മൂടിയുറപ്പിച്ച്‌
കട്ടച്ച നേരുകളെ,നീർന്ന വെയിൽപ്പാളികളിലേക്ക്‌
സമാന്തരമായി മേയാൻ വിടുക!

പിന്നെ സമത്വം ,സാഹോദര്യം
ഉറുമ്പു ശബ്ദത്തിൽ
അലറി വിളിച്ചുറങ്ങുക!
കൂറ്റൻ ചിത്രപ്പലകകളിലേക്ക്‌
പരകായ പ്രവേശം നേടി
ആത്മ നിർവൃതി കൊള്ളുക!

By Sahla Anwar
Parent of Haleema Nuha
Grade X


‘BIOPHILIA’ – it means, we human beings always have a desire to be close to nature. Humans have the urge to affiliate with other life forms. We always have been a part of nature and would always be so. Sounds great! But do we have enough nature around us?

Well…nature doesn’t have to be in the form of forests, rivers or oceans. It can also be in such a form which is very close to us and substantially enhance our wellbeing. Does that ring a bell?

Agriculture is the solution to many problems and hindrances. Agriculture gives jobs and also is the backbone of our economy. When we look at a different perspective, agriculture is deeply connected with the health-ratio of people. Organic farming uses lesser pesticides, thereby reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals. In addition, it boosts healthy soil-formation and also combats the current major issue of Global Warming.

A humble balcony garden can come to rescue and be a happy space! It can provide access to fresh produce even if it is in small quantities. Also, it encourages the flow of fresh air providing healthy living. Not having a backyard doesn’t mean a balcony garden is an impossibility. Living in a concrete world shouldn’t be an impediment for not staying close to nature. Apart from being an underpin in human civilization and development, agriculture binds humans to their roots which is ‘Nature’. Let’s go back to nature because we need to set example for the coming generation that people need nature but, nature doesn’t need people. Let’s nurture nature for nature to nurture us.

By Megha Vasudevan
(Parent of Vishnuvardhan Varma Ranjith & Vasundhara Nethyar Ranjith)

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