The Club focuses on motivating students to participate in heritage conservation and to learn more about their local and natural heritage. The Club is involved in collecting and sharing information relating to India’s rich cultural and natural heritage. A few activities of the club, like visits to archaeological sites, field trips, celebrating days, begin from the Montessori Section.

Club activities include:

  • Visiting museums, local parks, old-age homes and archaeological sites 
  • Preparing minor projects on heritage and exhibiting them. 
  • Involving students in documenting local living heritage like festivals, performing arts or craftsmen and women
  • Conducting heritage debates, quizzes, discussions and activities like presentations, field trips and documentation
  • Organising Culture Days in which club members prepare foods, organise activities according to their areas of interest or family backgrounds.
  • Assisting in conducting the School Cabinet election.
  • Observing days of historical importance.
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