BenchMark has a full-fledged Band Troop with a complete band set. The Troop is comprised of students from Primary to Senior Secondary classes of the school under the able guidance of a Band Master. The band master provides training to the troop members at regular intervals according to the schedule. The school has its own brass and pipe bands which take the centre stage at all the major events of the school. It adds decorum and music to the school events.

A well-disciplined March-past is the highlight of the team administered and chiselled in duration by the Physical Education trainers and Scout Masters. Selected pupils get trained to be its members.This helps inculcate leadership and team co-ordination among the students from a very early stage.

On key events like Independence Day, Republic Day, and other School Programmes, the school band team, marching troop, and scouts exhibit its repertoire of skills.

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