Food at School

BenchMark provides food to its faculty and staff on all working days. This USP of the school has won it plenty of praise for the right reasons. BenchMark’s healthy and hygienic food is a core quality of the school since it attests the importance we attach to healthy living of the young citizens. The school has a fully equipped kitchen in a clean environment where the food is prepared. We prepare breakfast, mid-day snacks, Lunch, Evening snacks and dinner. While Breakfast and dinner are meant for the hostellers, the rest is for all.

BenchMark is a
different world !

BenchMark International School runs on a philosophy of well-rounded schooling. We let our wonderful learners into a myriad-faced universe of experiences without allowing ourselves to run on a grade-centred curriculum. BenchMark International School, the region’s leading CBSE International School, is immersed in a world of actions and activities, fun and challenges, arts and attitudes, games and gamified learning, where future BenchMarkians are groomed to discover themselves and invent the way forth. This tranquil, waterfront campus has Kerala’s best school environment, which offers young with not just international exposure but also encourages human camaraderie too. As the top CBSE School in Kerala, BenchMark has raised bars and reworked parameters of schooling since 2006.

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